"One of the more intuitively original and commercial writers I’ve ever worked with...

 a rare mix."  

Gordy Hoffman (Hollywood, CA)


"I can’t deny,

The crowd their star,

I can even hear,

Their cheers from afar,

As the lights blind me,

I can feel its heat,

Then I begin to sing,

A song so sweet...

I will be a sensation,

I will stir hearts and dazzle eyes,

I will prick ears and move souls,

When I step on stage."


Paper Crane (2012)


"Kygan was easily one of the more intuitively original and commercial writers I’ve ever worked with, as he develops warm, inviting and fresh stories with authentic, striking characters that exist for audiences to connect with and love. It’s a rare mix, as often raw and vulnerable portraits do not live in plots with a nice hook, but Kygan’s conceits are naturally interesting and reach the audiences naturally and beautifully. He’s completely professional in his response to feedback and writes quickly, incorporating the notes for maximum effect in the rewrite. I highly recommend this writer and stand by my assessment."
- Gordy Hoffman (Hollywood, CA)
"The writer does not try to crowd please, which I found refreshing. Its reliance on symbolism and metaphor means the script has the potential for a sensual method of storytelling as is present in a lot of foreign films and notably the work of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu."
- Emerging Screenwriters (West Hollywood, CA)
"I'm saying 'yes’...the multi-cultural aspect is interesting”
 – Broadway and Off-Broadway producer (anonymous review)
"... there are a few real surprises in the lyrics”
- TONY winning producer (anonymous review)
“... real moments of emotional depth”
- Off-Broadway director  (anonymous review)
"...Malaysia's Boublil and Schönberg..."
- New Straits Times
"...some of the slickest and cleverest songs I've heard in a long time..."
- Kakiseni

"...surprised everyone with his fresh, astute musicality..."

- Zero Degrees.


"one of KL's hottest writers"

- theSundaily

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